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Pivot to Success

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When life gives us lemons, we all know to make lemonade. Here are two stories of local business owners making lemonade today?

When your business is about “holistic mental health and wellness services in a community setting” and the government’s ‘social distancing’ mandates all ‘community settings’ such as yours be closed, what do you do?

If you are Dr. Jeffrey Turrell, at Strive Mental Health and Wellness LLC, you pivot quickly, identify the exploding need for adult mental health services delivered remotely, and you launch new telepsychiatry services to meet the needs of the community. Thank you, Dr. T for stepping up and helping the community during these trying times.

If you are a clothing manufacturing business in Cleveland it can be frustrating trying to compete with cheap imported products from China and other countries. Boutiques and major retailers don’t have the time of day for you, even though your locally created products are of outstanding quality and value. This was the situation Diane Linston and her business, Styles of Imagination, was in as the pandemic was starting to sweep across the world stage.

Diane pivoted, not once, but twice. First Diane started offering locally produced clothing to boutiques and department stores as their Chinese supply chain ground to a halt. Just as this avenue started producing results, the social distancing mandate shut down those very stores. Not missing a beat, Diane pivoted a second time and is now running her local factory at capacity producing protective gear for the pandemic, while using her own Chinese supply chain connection, to import much needed PPE.

Kudos to Dr. Turrell and Diane for pivoting and providing such critical services to our community!

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