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  1. What an Opportunity to Learn

    What an Opportunity to Learn

    Wed 15 Apr, 2020 08:57 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    COVID-19 is teaching us an important lesson about the power of exponential growth, also known as the compounding effect. Funny thing about we humans – we imagine that things grow linearly, yet almost nothing in nature does! So early on during an exponential growth event, it seems like nothing is happening. And yet it is. With COVID-19, this is where we were a couple of weeks ago when […]

  2. Pivot to Success

    Pivot to Success

    Wed 15 Apr, 2020 08:52 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    When life gives us lemons, we all know to make lemonade. Here are two stories of local business owners making lemonade today?When your business is about “holistic mental health and wellness services in a community setting” and the government’s ‘social distancing’ mandates all ‘community settings’ such as yours be closed, what do you do?If you […]

  3. Focus on Fundamentals

    Focus on Fundamentals

    Wed 15 Apr, 2020 08:49 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Whatever you thought 2020 was going to be at the beginning of the year or even a few weeks ago is no longer the case. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. We have a new normal and this new normal requires a very different approach.Social distancing and lock-down orders have impacted consumer behaviors and turned […]